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This is my first post on this forum. I just recently got the notification of acceptance into a grad program I was interested in Hillsboro. As I'm quite unfamiliar with the general Portland area, I wanted to see if anybody had any recommendations to certain neighborhoods and areas of PDX. I am pretty set on moving sometime in August, would prefer to find a place somewhere along the $600-800 rent on apartments nearby a max rail. My only means of commute would be using the rail system out there to commute back and forth from portland to hillsboro, so I was wondering which area would accommodate this for me. Any idea or reference would be so much appreciated. I've been reading various posts to either move up to SW, SE, or NW areas of portland, and I'm just completely confused as to where to even start looking. Mainly, I need to find a place next to the max rail and sweet spot of the city (preferably not too sketchy). I am open to the bar, art, coffee, mom and pop shops, food, and all the goods of that culture and am always stoked to explore new places throughout the city as well. Thanks again and really looking forward to any sort of response! 



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At your price point you are going to be limited. MAX goes all the way out to Hillsboro though. Your best bet at that price is to find a shared space in Hillsboro and live there. Use the MAX to commute into town on the weekends and at night. I'd suggest looking around Orenco Station or Quatama Station stops. Both have a large number of apartments nearby. Look on Craigslist or Padmapper.com for roommates. 


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